What is the Breakfast Diet?

The Breakfast diet consists of a meal in the morning within an hour of waking. Within an hour of waking the body is ready to receive the fuel that is required for the course of the day. Eating a big breakfast that is high in nutrients is one of the only ways to ensure that the body is being fueled to perform its function throughout the course of the day.

The breakfast diet includes eating a large meal at breakfast, rather than the largest meal at lunch or dinner time. The large breakfast will combine a balanced diet to ensure that the body is able to maintain energy levels throughout the day.

A balanced meal in the morning of proteins, carbohydrates and fruits and vegetables can help to regulate your blood sugar. Consuming protein in the morning is an effective way to maintain the blood sugar levels through the entire day. Eating fruits and vegetables within the morning meal are an effective way to ensure that the body is receiving the recommended five to ten servings of fruit and vegetables per day.

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