Eating Breakfast can Reduce Cravings

Eating breakfast can help to reduce the cravings which are experienced throughout the day. This is because the body is satisfied and nourished through the morning meal and therefore will feel satisfied. This can reduce ingestion of unhealthy foods through the day such as those with processed carbohydrates and sugars.

Protein in the morning with breakfast is an effective way to reduce the cravings which are associated with the breakfast diet. Lean proteins that can be eaten in the morning with the breakfast diet include ham, lean bacon, turkey bacon that is low in sodium and even lean cuts of beef and chicken which are included with traditional breakfast foods that are also high in protein, like eggs.

There are other aspects of the breakfast diet which include a small amount of sugars in the form of sweets eaten in the morning to reduce the cravings. This way, the body is not being deprived of certain foods, which can lead to binging throughout the day. These sweets may include chocolate covered raisins which have been shown to increase the serotonin which is produced in the brain, leading to a happier mood and increased energy levels through the day.

Reducing the sweets which are consumed throughout the rest of the day can be easy when this small treat is consumed in the morning. This way, you will be less likely to crave these types of foods later in the day when it can be harmful to the body as the calories are more likely to be absorbed into the body as fat, rather than converted to energy that can be used to fuel the body.

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