Foods to avoid while following the Breakfast Diet Plan

As with any diet, there are certain foods that should be avoided through the course of the diet plan. Foods that should be avoided while following the breakfast diet include:

Juice that is high in calories and sugar should be avoided while following the breakfast diet. For example, high sugar juices may contain up to twenty-five percent of the recommended calories for the entire meal. Sugars in the diet can cause energy levels to soar for a moment, but they are not processed effectively in the body and will therefore lead to energy levels crashing before the day is over. Sugar is one of the main reasons that dieters experience the bout of tiredness, irritability and lack of energy at about three in the afternoon which makes most dieters hit the vending machines through the afternoon while at work. Eating breakfast foods that are low in refined sugars is an effective way to avoid this energy loss and make the most of the breakfast diet.

Coffee, although coffee itself is low in calories, what you add to the coffee makes all the difference. Adding cream and sugar to the coffee can bring the calorie toll up to one hundred and twenty calories, from the five calories which is consumed when coffee is drank without any additives. Using artificial sweeteners and skim milk can help to reduce the empty calories that are consumed with coffee.

Bagels are one of the worst breakfast foods that can be consumed because bagels are high in calories and are often topped with butter and cream cheese they should be avoided, as well as other breakfast pastries and muffins (unless they are high in fiber and made with whole grains)

Breakfast sandwiches are one of the highest fat foods that can be contained at breakfast time and contain the highest levels of refined carbohydrates which can lead to weight gain. Breakfast sandwiches are often involved the processing of every ingredient which is in the sandwich and can have upwards of four hundred calories and twenty grams of fat. Avoid breakfast sandwiches while following the breakfast diet.

Avoiding these foods in the morning is an essential part of the breakfast diet. These foods and the high calories which are present in the foods can be detrimental to the weight loss program and leave the dieter with no energy half-way through the day.

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