Breakfast Diet

There has been much attention given lately to a diet that is referred to as the breakfast diet. Can you really lose weight by eating a healthy big breakfast in the morning? Eating a large but balanced breakfast in the morning is an effective and healthy way to lose weight.

Skipping breakfast and reducing the amount of food that is eaten throughout the day is a weight loss method that too many people mistakenly take advantage of. Skipping breakfast has been shown to decrease the potential for weight loss in dieters and can even lead to weight gain.

Research has demonstrated that people who included breakfast in their diet plan while attempting to lose weight lost more weight than those who did not consume breakfast. This proves that breakfast isnít called the most important meal of the day without reason!

Rather than skipping breakfast and eating progressively larger meals through the entire day, the breakfast diet proposes that you eat your largest meal in the morning and fill the meal with healthy fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and high amounts of fiber to provide consistent energy throughout the entire day.

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